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New J is a place where lives are transformed forever, and, where everything we do revolves around Jesus

We’re the loudest voice in our community, bringing help, hope and change to our city, and our world.

We attract people of all nations and backgrounds and, through our exemplary focus on education, empower each one to fulfil their God-given purpose and to influence others to do the same.

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Organising People, Organising Money

Goal Watchers

This year, we’re focused on organising our resources. As we go through 2016, Elder Karl George will be taking us on a journey that will empower us to get our lives in order and prepare us as individuals, and as a church, to fulfil our mission of transforming lives forever, but stating first with ourselves.

Before you listen to the goal setting sessions, Watch Elder Karl deliver the Message “Blessings With No Sorrows”.

Goal Setting: Session 1
by Elder Karl George
Goal Setting: Session 2
by Elder Karl George

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